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Customer Testimonials

We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

Read what others have said about working with us:

A lot of lenders come and go, Most of them over promise and under deliver. But you Guys always deliver.....
Thanks again for a great job!!!

Jose L. Lopez

Can't thank you enough for your hard work and making this happen for all of us. You and your team did a great job as always. Every time I see an approval letter with your name on it, I know that 10 out of 10 will close. I trust you 100%
Thanks so much. I look forward to future escrows together.

Lydia N. Graham

Jeremy, you and Michelle have been a pleasure to work with! It really helps when you work with nice people who also have a sense of humor!!
Thanks so much. I look forward to future escrows together.

Diane McMillan

Just wanted to thank you all for the amazing way in which you got this done so quickly!
I am always impressed when I have the opportunity to work with you.
Thanks Again!

Chris W Jolly

Once again, great team you have around you.
I really appreciate all the effort that Michelle and Katelyn provided.
Thank you for another smooth closing.

Michael Hernandez

Thank you so much! You and all the staff at Country Club Mortgage are the best!!
I am so grateful for all you've done for us!

Griselda Gutierrez

You made the experience fast and painless.

We really appreciated your attention to detail and follow through.
I can see why so many sellers demanded prequalification through your office.

You are a true professional.

Jesse and Melissa Bravo

Nice job Jeremy!!!

I’m totally amazed at the difference. The other lender messed around with the file for over 60 days and nothing got done. You took care of it in 28 days maybe even less. Even with a borrower that was less than cooperative. Thank you again. You saved me on this one.

Jeremy Garcia

Thank you for an outstanding job.
I look forward to working with you again.

Patricia Bowen

You are beyond awesome . About the smoothest deal I have had. Thank you!

Nada Stijovic

Thank you Jeremy for all your help! I so appreciate the safety I feel when you are the lender on my deals. If I ever have a choice I will always choose YOU EVERYTIME!! Hope to do another soon.

JoJo Adamson

I’m going to be sending you more business. This is the fastest loan I've seen in over 1000 closings. Great job.

Joseph Crown

It's been about a year since I moved into my house. I want to thank
you once again. I think about you guys everytime I enjoy my
garden or wood floors ( I ripped out the carpet to reveal nice wood floors).
Your guidance and expertise was golden. You are awesome at what you
do, more importantly you are awesome trustworthy people. May God continue to
bless you and your family, ( which has grown this past year. Congratulations on
the new Engle).

Al Pasos

I really wanted to thank you for the fast escrow process on my first
purchase. I did not have time to personally visit and thank you all in
person so my only option is email. Attached is a photo. Again thank you for
all your help.

SFC Prado, Kinidio J. 40th Combat Aviation Brigade Ops NCOIC Task Force Condor Operation New Dawn

I really appreciate how quickly you operate and your follow up "YOUR THE BEST"

Linda Buchnoff

Thank you for the wonderful news!! I would like to Thank Each and Every One of you for making this experience seamless and such a great memory!!

Monalisa Lozano


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